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NUMBER 1!! (July 2018)

JULY 8,2018
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November  26, 2017
Announcing Talking Smooth Jazz's Top 10 Smooth Jazz CD picks. Congratulations to: #1 Michon Young, #2 Darryl Williams Page II, #3 Skinny Hightower, #4 Cool Guitars, #5 Jowee Bash, #6 Maximiliano Max V Valldeneu, #7 Soweco (Mattias Roos, U-Nam Skytown), #8 Douyé Theartist, #9 Demetrice Everett, and #10 Harold Little
Michon Young – Love, Life, Experiences

Album review by Ronald Jackson

July 29, 2017

Should one try to pigeonhole this album, the artist reminds us that, oftentimes, it simply can’t be done. As she says, “I have always believed that music is love. It is universal. It can soothe the soul, bring tears to your eyes or simply just place you in a reflective state.”

So, with that in mind, and while one might try to classify this as R&B for whatever purpose, this debut release from vocalist/composer Michon Young entitled Love, Life, Experiences was too compelling for us to ignore because it is, first and foremost, music. Good music. If you simply must identify with a specific genre, keep in mind that this is not your typical neo-soul or modern day or even old school R&B. This album comes packed with plenty of eclectic vibes (gospel, soul, and even a touch of poetry) and body. Its thick and melodic persona is clearly not to be disregarded. The vocals, at times, a bit reminiscent of early Leela James, are strong and strike directly at your core. Again, this is music.

The lead track here, “Feeling Alright” (no, not that “Feelin’ Alright” classic but Young’s own original), possesses a bit of African charm to go with its poetic gospel feel, a bit of that Sweet Honey In the Rock touch. Other tracks of note include the mid-tempo, snappy, and bass-heavy “So Glad,” the catchy, sauntering “Count It a Lesson,” the sassy, finger-poppin’ “Ooh,” the coolly funky and equally seductive “Something About You” (love the vocal harmony), and the embracingly sexy, downtempo “Heart Led Me to You” and “Love On Me” Oh, that’s just for starters. There’s also the infectious head-boppin’ “Can’t Do This No More,” the delicious “Undivided Attention,” and the oh-so-beautiful “Love Makes You.”

Truth be told, one will be very hard-pressed to find a single mediocre track here. In listening to this pearl, you will quickly see why we just had to share it with our audience. Simply groove to the heart of this one. It’s overflowing with love. A stellar A++ debut. – Ronald Jackson

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